What audio device is right for me?

Are you ready to splash some cash on a new pair of earphones for running but you just don’t know what to buy? The headphone industry has exploded over the past few years. Now when you go to buy headphones you are forced to make more decisions than ever. Do you want wired headphones? Do you want overhead headphones? Do you want Active Noise Cancellation? Do you want Alexa built in?

Here at RunWay Running, we like to make your life a little bit easier by making some of those decisions for you.

We’ve broken the world of headphones into 4 distinct categories. We update these category pages to make sure that you are getting the best advice on audio devices. Click on an category below to find out about the best overall product available to you, and a budget alternative. Read the descriptions of the categories below if you are unsure of which category you wish to read about first.

Overhead Headphones

These are the traditional headphones that your mother used to wear when she didn’t want her mother hearing her listening to Dr. Dre. They’re big and clunky, but they’ve come a long way since your mother’s rebellious music days. They have cups which surround your ear entirely to lock in the sound and enhance your listening experience. They have some upsides and some downsides. Read our low down on the best overhead earphones available to you today, and to hear of a budget alternative.

True Wireless Earphones

Exactly what it says on the tin, these earphones have no wires. They usually have a charging case and touch controls to make you look like a secret service agent walking the streets.

True wireless earphones came to the fore of the audio world when Apple released the Apple Airpods in 2016. Since then, many companies have made an attempt to knock Apple from the top of the true wireless podium. Read our post about true wireless earphones to hear more about the best available to you today, and great budget friendly alternatives.

Semi – Wireless Earphones

These were the predecessors of the true wireless earphone. Semi wireless earphones connect two earpieces together with a wire around the back of your neck which sometimes clips on to your t-shirt to stop the wire flapping around.

Bone Conduction Earphones

Bone conduction earphones are relatively new technology. Rather than playing sounds directly in to your ear drums, a small vibrating piece of plastic sits right beside your ear. It sends unnoticeable vibrations in to the the bones around your ear which your brain reads in the same way it reads sounds that are funneled in to your ear.

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