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A Guide to Semi – Wireless Earphones

Semi-wireless earphones are slowly being phased out of production, but some people are fearful of the true wireless revolution. What if you lose one? What if you break the case? We here at RunWay Running have tested a range of semi-wireless earphones, and if you are considering buying a pair of earphones for exercising, be sure to read on and see what we think of this safer, cheaper option.

Overhead Headphones: What to look out for

Overhead headphones are the king of all audio devices. Over the years, their design hasn’t changed majorly, but the quality of the sound produced by them has improved drastically. With so many products on the market, what features should you be looking out for when buying a new pair of headphones? What products do we like here at RunWay? Read on to find out.

Heart Rate Monitors: Optical vs. Chest-Based. Which is better?

Nowadays it seems that almost everybody is wearing an activity tracker or smart watch on their wrist. The majority of wrist based activity trackers will give you information about your step count, your sleep quality and your heart rate. Is an optical sensor accurate? How does it know your heart rate? Is the data that you see on your watch correct? What does resting heart rate mean? We answer your questions.

Bone Conduction Audio Devices

Bone conduction earphones were traditionally designed for military personnel. Now, they have solved an age old problem for runners. They allow you to hear what’s going on in your surroundings without sacrificing audio quality. So, are they any good? Should I buy them? We answer your questions.

Foam Rollers

What is a foam roller? What’s the difference between a smooth foam roller and a spiky foam roller? Does foam rolling make you more flexible? If you’re anything like we were when foam rollers became popular recently, you’ll be asking these questions and more. Read on to find out all of the answers to these questions and more.

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